US has been able to make “Novichok” for 20 years – Russia

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Russia has documents pointing to the fact that the US was developing the gas “Novichok”, said the head of the laboratory of chemical and analytical control of the Ministry of Defense of Russia, Igor Rybalchenko.

The expert condemned Mirzoyanov’s publication of information (original developer of the gas, who moved to the US in 1996) on the production of chemical weapons.

Back in 1998, US specialists discovered the substance in the Spectrum Library of the National Bureau of Standards of the United States. “Now it turns out that, judging by the name of this substance, it was exactly the same” Novichok ” – also called A234″ Rybalchenko said.

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 He noted that the connection was made based on the database input of information by members of the US Army Chemical Research and Development Center. Rybalchenko presented the relevant documents.


The scientist also believes that the formulas published in the book by Mirzayanov,  allows anyone who has access to chemicals to synthesize such a compound.


Source RIA
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