Aid convoy stuck in East Ghouta because of terrorists – VIDEO

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EAST GHOUTA, Syria – A Red Crescent aid convoy remains held up at the al-Wafideen checkpoint in the northern portion of Eastern Ghouta to the east of Damascus city center on Friday.

The convoy is meant to deliver food and basic medicines to Syrian civilians trapped in the terrorist-held enclave.

The convoy arrived at the checkpoint on Thursday, but it is uncertain when it will be able to complete its journey.

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This is because terrorist forces in the region are making it difficulty for the flow of aid to enter East Ghouta while civilians are meant to leave the war zone. Terrorist have been using civilians as human shields in the attempt to demonize the Syrian and Russian governments.

Despite the humanitarian escape convoy from East Ghouta being open for over a week, terrorist have prevented civilians from fleeing the war zone. Despite this fact, the mainstream media have failed to cover this.

This comes as the Syrian Army are on the verge of liberating another town in East Ghouta. Details can be read here.

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