Alliance on its last legs? Erdogan calls NATO “cowards”

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Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan stated he may expand military operations in Syria. Erdogan said that the Turkish army’s goal is “to fight terrorists wherever they operate.” The leader of Turkey rejected the assumption that Turkey plans to seize foreign territories.

Erdogan expressed dissatisfaction with the policies of NATO member countries. “All the members of the alliance participated in the war in Afghanistan – but where are they in Syria? If the alliance countries could, they would openly oppose Turkey in Syria, but when they came across the clear position of Turkey, they did not find the courage to assist [in the anti-terrorist operation],” the Turkish leader said.

Erdogan spoke largely about operation “Olive Branch” in the Syrian district of Afrin. The Turkish forces and the “Syrian Free Army” opposition have approached the city of Afrin as close as three kilometers – “The Turkish Armed Forces will enter at any time,” Erdogan said.

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Earlier, the coalition captured one of the largest suburbs of Afrin – Jinders. The Turkish plan to block all roads in Afrin and occupy all the villages around it.

Source Vesti
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