Americans are too insulated to care about Donbass escalation

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The official representative of the US State Department for Ukraine Kurt Volker gives a very bad  message, stating that the republics of Donbass should be liquidated.

This was broadcast on the radio  “Vesti FM” today, by Duma deputy Oleg Morozov.

“The Ukrainian situation is upheld on two very unstable constructions, which more or less are recognized by all. First, that Minsk agreements must be implemented. Secondly, LDPR is still part of Ukraine. Volker’s statement breaks both of those assumptions. If there is no LDPR, then there is no Minsk negotiations (which deal with the situation in the region as part of Ukraine). If they do exist on their own, how then could the integrity of Ukraine be preserved? “- said Morozov.

He suspects that the Americans are not interested in resolving the conflict in Ukraine.

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“Europeans live next door and perceive the situation more painfully. The Americans are far away, and it seems to me that they believe this is simply Russia’s headache – no one else’s. This isn’t so.”

Read the backstory:

USA Wants To Destroy DPR And LPR 

Source Politnavigator
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