Amnesty International admits to training Syrian opposition

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BEIRUT, Lebanon – An Amnesty International Campaigns manager has admitted on his Twitter account that the organization are training Syria’s political opposition.

“Good to be back in Beirut with this superb Syrian human rights project which helps former political prisoners get their lives (and activism) back on track. More on them soon,” Kristyan Benedict, the Amnesty International UK Campaigns Manager said on his Twitter.

Although efforts to reemploy prisoners must be commended, Amnesty International whose stated mission is to report on human rights abuses and pressure governments who do so, are now openly admitting that they are training people to serve a political agenda.

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This proves that Amnesty International never was, and never will be, a non-bias source for information, as they are openly admitting to apply political pressure on Syria.

Syria has long been accused of holding thousands of political prisoners, and was forced to release thousands of these prisoners in early 2011. Syrian President Bashar al-Assad reluctantly agreed to do so. He did this however, but was then accused later on of releasing thousands of jihadists and Muslim Brotherhood supporters from prison, despite Assad warning that these so-called “political prisoners” were actually Salafists.

More details about this subject matter can be found in Dr Tim Anderson’s research paper titled “Syria: the human rights industry in ‘humanitarian war'” published on the Centre for Counter Hegemonic Studies website. The paper can be found here.

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