And after the “Sultan” had contacted Trump, he decided to strengthen his missile defense!

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ANKARA, Turkey – Turkey continues to hold talks with the French-Italian Eurosam consortium and the United States to buy anti-missile defense systems, a spokesman for the Turkish foreign ministry said today.

In January, Turkey signed with Eurosam, an 18-month contract for a study to develop and produce a long-range anti-aircraft and anti-missile defense system, in a move for closer defense co-operation with France and Italy.

Last December, Turkey and Russia signed an agreement to supply Ankara with the S-400 surface-to-air missile batteries, finalizing a deal deepening military relations between Turkey, a NATO member and the Kremlin.

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This comes as Turkey continues to militarize and act aggressively towards its neighbors, as seen with their invasion of northern Syria, continued breaches on Iraqi sovereignty, and threats against Greece, Bulgaria and Armenia.

Translated from Crash Magazine Online.

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