Brazilian presidential candidate Bolsonaro anything but a patriot, more like a neoliberal American stooge

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February 28, 2018 – Fort Russ News – Paul Antonopoulos – Translated from Nova Resistencia.

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil – CEMETERY ECONOMY. Like the late Dr. Enéas Carneiro (an authentic Brazilian patriot), citing Professor Adriano Benayon (another authentic Brazilian patriot), he used to call for the project of privatization of national wealth in the name of a supposed stabilization of the economy.

After his death, what Enéas denounced appears again, only in the mouth of a figure erroneously associated with him: Bolsonaro.


That is what Bolsonaro’s economic mentor, Paulo Guedes, whom he has already secured as the Ministry of Finance in a hypothetical presidency, defends for Brazil: CEMETERY ECONOMY: there is no complaint, we are all dead, Aeneas would say if he were still with us.

And the thing goes further.

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Paulo Guedes is one of the founders of the Millenium Institute, a liberal think tank that receives funding from the RBS Group and Bank of America: the first being Rede Globo subsidiary, and the second being one of the largest banks in the world (curiously, both promote all that the Bolsonaro voter so much repudiates: abortion, LGBT, gender ideology, etc.).

Economically, Paulo Guedes believes that a radical privatization would be the recipe for ending the internal public debt. Yes, that’s right: no debt audit, no interest criticism and debt repayment, ignoring all the fraudulent schemes involving the public debt system. Just privatize, deliver everything to foreign capital.

In an analogy, this would be like the churros vendor who extracts his income solely from the sale of churros, but who decides to sell the churros machine because the benefits are high: the debt is exhausted, but the source of income.


And we need not say that this neoliberal recipe is against the a-bê-cê of any and all nationalism (more to the right or to the left). A true nationalism is based on the defense of the national enterprise, the strengthening of the State and a broad and consistent policy of national development based on Industry. Those who advocate the massive sale of national companies can be anything: less nationalistic, less patriotic, although – like Bolsonaro – they claim to be.

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