BREAKING: East Ghouta enclave finally split into two pockets by Syrian Army

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EAST GHOUTA, Syria – The Syrian Army after many days has finally split the East Ghouta enclave into two pockets after liberating a key site from terrorist forces.

Splitting the East Ghouta enclave, to the east of Damascus city center, was finally achieved after several days of battle.

This was only achieved once the village of Madera was secured from terrorist forces. Madera lays directly to the east of the military vehicle base.

This final push to create the pockets was only achievable after the critical town of Mesraba was liberated yesterday by the Syrian Army.

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It is now expected that with the two pockets finally formed, the Syrian Army will attempt to surround and besiege Harasta, one of the main bastions of jihadist resistance in the East Ghouta region.

As it stands, the key towns of Harasta and Duma are now pocketed in the north and separated from the other key towns of Irbin and Jobar in the southern pocket. This separation will hamper resistance efforts by terrorist organizations against the Syrian Army who are engaged in an aggressive offensive that has seen them liberate more than 53% of East Ghouta in a matter of weeks.

Despite this impressive drive, the Syrian Army are yet to liberate a major town, however, with more then half of the region liberated and the main towns in a precarious position, it is expected that some of these towns will be liberated in the coming weeks.


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