BREAKING: Syrian Army liberates key town in East Ghouta

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EAST GHOUTA, Syria – The Syrian Army has continued its impressive drive against terrorist organizations in East Ghouta and has just liberated a key town in the central plain of the besieged pocket.

The Syrian Army has just liberated Mesraba, meaning pro-government forces are now in a key position to split the East Ghouta enclave into two divided pockets. Such a prospect will means that the northern pocket will contain the towns of Duma and Harasta while the southern pocket will have Jobar and Irbin.

Such a split will severely hinder terrorist efforts against the Syrian Army who in a matter of weeks have already liberated over 51% of East Ghouta.

The security of Mesraba will now allow the Syrian Army to close the one kilometer opening that is preventing the East Ghouta enclave from being split into two portions.

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Meanwhile, Syrian state television has also confirmed that the village of Mudeira has also been liberated from terrorist organizations.


The liberation of Mesraba was only possible with an impressive night assault by the Syrian Army against terrorist organizations. Further details of this impressive assault that led to the liberation of a number of sites can be found here.

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