Britain targets 700 wealthy Russian investors in Britain


British Interior Minister Amber Rudd said that her agency’s employees will check 700 Russians who received investment visas prior to 2015, promising to invest £ 2 million ($ 2.8 million) or more in the UK. The system of issuing investment visas has been tightened since its introduction. However, there are fears that it could still allow corrupt officials and illegal money to enter the UK.  (Since when did they ever care about that? Most crooks seeks asylum in the UK and are easily granted it, as “enemies of Russia.”)

Prime Minister Teresa May said earlier that in London “there is no place” for corrupt Russian elites or their money.

The United Kingdom believes that Russia is involved in the poisoning of Sergei and Yulia Skripal. Nobody knows where the Skripals are – not even their own families. Media states they are in a coma and are unable to give evidence.

May also warned that London would freeze Russian state assets if they “threaten life or property of British nationals or residents of the country.”

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Meanwhile, Russian investments are losing ground in Britain. In 2014, the Kingdom tightened the rules for issuing visas to wealthy Russians, as well as anti-money laundering legislation. Additional checks led to the fact that fewer foreigners began to apply for British visas, including Russians, Transparency International UK data show.

According to the brokerage company Hamptons International, the proportion of Russians among luxury buyers in London has declined over the past three years.

Source Vesti Finance
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