CHAOS IN AFRIN: YPG flee city, civilians begin looting – VIDEO + PHOTOS


AFRIN, Syria – Chaos has ensured in the northwest Syrian city of Afrin as the Turkish-led Olive Branch forces close in on the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) held city.

This comes as yesterday many members of the YPG became pocketed and Afrin surrounded by the Turkish military and their Syrian puppets from three axes, as reported by FRN.

With this desperate situation, many YPG members have begun fleeing the city and leaving civilians to their own devices. YPG fleeing the city can be seen in the following images.

In addition, they have burnt several administration buildings in the city.

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With many YPG members fleeing Afrin, civilians have now begun looting former buildings operated by the YPG and have ransacked food stocks.

A video has also been released showing this.

The YPG have once again blamed Russia for the precarious predicament they find themselves in the northwest Syrian region of Afrin, rather then blaming their ally the US, who is also an a NATO ally of Turkey. Full details of YPG affiliated media ridiculously blaming Russia for the chaos occurring in Afrin can be found here.

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