CNN is too busy to get Russian flag correct

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The CNN news channel published an article on its website, in which it compared life in Russia and the United States. The publication is accompanied by a picture on which the order of colors of the Russian flag is confused.

The tricolor featured a white, red and blue stripe, with the two lower colours in the wrong order.

The life of Russians turned out to be better than that of Americans in a number of spheres. For example, in Russia there are more hospital beds (82 per 10,000 people compared to 29 in the US) and more doctors (12.2 per 100,000 compared to 11.1), but the quality of medical services in the United States is better, CNN concludes.

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The overall crime rate was higher in the United States. For example, car thefts in the States are seven times more frequent than in Russia. However, murders in the Russian Federation is noticeably ahead of the US – 11.31 per 100,000 against 4.88.

Everything CNN publishes must be thoroughly examined, of course.

Source Ruposters
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