“Cold War”! Dangerous squadrons of Russian and American fighters near Cyprus

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ATHENS, Greece – In large parts of eastern and southern Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus, air flights of Russia and the United States have expanded over the past few days, with a significant number of two-engined fighter aircraft, always related to developments in the region, especially Syria.

Two airplanes, the Russian east of Cyprus and the American south of Cyprus, a Su-33 and MiG -29K, have been hovering around the skies of Cyprus

The flights of the Russian fighters east and southeast of Cyprus have increased considerably lately.

At the same time, the number of American fighters F / A-18F is taking off and flying near Nicosia is increasing, from an American aircraft carrier that had been south of Cyprus in recent weeks and has now moved eastward.

In some cases, it is in a relatively close area and at the same height; there are also American and Russian fighters, which means that at about the same area and at similar altitudes, at the same time, up to 15-18 fighter planes fly.

Although these are restricted areas for civil aircraft, serious complications are also created for Cyprus.

At the same time, military and political concerns are also high in countries involved with military forces in the region.

In recent days, the Russian Ministry of Defense has released a video showing landings and take-offs of fighters and helicopters from the Kusnevov airport located in areas within Nicosia for operations in Syria. There is talk of over 400 operations in Syria by the Russian aircraft carrier, which also shows the traffic generated in the eastern area of ​ Nicosia.

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According to statements by a US Navy officer in our area at USNI News, it is open and possibly the possibility of even uncontrollable tensions due to an episode in the air, since in the same regions they simultaneously fly war in different countries.

It should be noted that in all cases, fighters fly without issuing identification data, so they are only perceived by military radars and radars receiving a primary aircraft signal, and there are neither rules of conciliation nor communication.

As the American officer explained, with the elimination of the Islamic state in large areas, the area of ​​operations has been “much smaller and more confused” lately. With so many airplanes, helicopters and aircraft operating in the same area, the risk of confrontation has increased dramatically, he stresses.

Another US military source also stresses that the situation in the region has become “extremely complex and therefore very dangerous”. US pilots fly very close to a number of other air forces with different agendas and different targets or missions, so each pilot should anticipate and interpret the intentions of pilot pilots in other countries to avoid episodes, he notes .

Information from “F” states that such situations have been created in some cases within the FIR Nicosia on its borders with Syria and on the eastern boundaries with Lebanon.

Translated from Ινφογνώμων Πολιτικά.


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