Communist Leader warns: West is forming anti-Russian entente

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Gennady Zyuganov, leader of the Russian communist party, believes that the Western countries are creating a new military-political bloc, similar to the Entente, aimed at fighting Russia. The Communist Party leader pointed to “an unprecedented exacerbation of the foreign policy situation since the Cold War.”

According to him, the US declared Russia its geopolitical and military adversary , which is necessary to fight. The West again and again devises provocations in order to discredit Russia and justify its aggression.

“In fact, steps are being taken to form the next Entente to fight against our country. It is becoming increasingly clear that we have been declared war, and they bet on destruction, ” Zyuganov said.

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Most recent example of this, the politician noted, is the inspection of the Russian airliner at the London airport without reason.

Has the West learned anything from Napoleon or Hitler?

Source Vesti
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