Deep crisis in the Balkans: Serbia has withdrawn from the Kosovo government

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PRISTINA, Serbia – The withdrawal of the Serbs from the Kosovo government is a reaction to the arrest and deportation, in Mitrovica, of Serbian government official Marko Juric. The Serbian President described the arrest of Juric as an attempt to terrorize the Serb population.

The Serbian List in the Haradinaj government was attended by a vice-president, three ministers and six deputy ministers. Their withdrawal may cause a governmental crisis in Kosovo if Ramos Haradinaj can not find other political allies to maintain power.

The political representatives of the Serbs, at a press conference following their meeting with Al. Vujic, also announced that they will unilaterally initiate the process for the establishment of the Union of Serbian Municipalities from April 20. The creation of this institution representing the Serb minority in Kosovo was a commitment of Pristina stemming from the Brussels 2013 agreement, but it never materialized.

In addition, following an extraordinary meeting of the National Security Council late last night, Mr Vukic said at a news conference that the Kosovo police had the logical support of the European police force EULEX and the political support of Western countries.

He also argued that it was a demonstration of power on the part of Pristina in order to prove that it was able to impose its sovereignty in northern Kosovo while warning that Belgrade would not tolerate the humiliation of the Serb population in Kosovo and would not allow actions lead to the displacement of the Serbs.

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“Albanian terrorists will not be able to harm Serbs in northern Kosovo, either alone or in co-operation with their Western commanders. This message was clearly communicated to the Western partners today,” Mr Vucic said.

The Serbian president refused to answer a journalist’s question if he contacted Russian President Vladimir Putin. “I’d rather tell who I did not want to contact than whom I contacted,” he replied.

Translated from Crash Magazine Online.

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