Do Russian airstrikes hit schools in Syria? Yes, but the question is why

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DAMASCUS, Syria – Surrounding the successful Syrian Army operation to clear the East Ghouta region, to the east of Damascus city center, of terrorist forces, allegations that the Russian air force were targeting schools emerged.

No evidence was brought forward that schools full of children and teachers were targeted, but this did not stop the spreading of this rumour.

However, even if it did occur, we must reflect why these things have happened in Syria.

We would like to remind our readers that jihadist groups usually render schools unoperable as they take over the building, expelling teachers and students.

Lessons still do take place in the taken over schools, but rather then learning about sicence, mathematics, literature and history, the students who are adult terrorists, learn how to use advanced and complex weaponry.

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One such example can be seen in the below video where Al-Qaeda linked terrorists belonging to Ahrar al-Sham use a school for military training.

These same schools are targeted when Syrian and Russian intelligence receive reports that these schools are used by terrorists for training purposes. Of course, rather then mainstream media reporting that these are terrorist training sites, they report the airstrikes as targeting schools full of students out of blood lust, rather then reporting the truth.

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