Dollars and extortion in the bowels of the Venezuelan Criminal Forum

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CARACAS, Venezuela – At the end of last week there was news about the expulsion of some lawyers from a certain non-governmental human rights organization, known as the Venezuelan Criminal Forum. According to El Nacional, the board of directors of the aforementioned institution took this decision under the criterion that those expelled “have not been active with the project” and because “they have assumed behaviors that contravene the principles of the forum”.

However, the reasons seem to go beyond a simple contradiction of “principles”. Rather it seems to overcome it in order to cover what had already been denounced by the constituent Diosdado Cabello but with little analyzed: the directors of the Criminal Forum charge in dollars for legal representation, contrary to what their leaders announce.

It is not the first time that this NGO is accused of charging for its legal services in the field of human rights. But the striking thing about this information is not this in itself, but the issuer: lawyer Alonso Medina Roa, former member and founder, who decided to talk about the internal situation of the organization.

Interviewed by El Estímulo, Roa said that his expulsion from the NGO was because “a few days ago I asked them for information about funding that the Forum has been receiving, which had never been reported.”

According to what was disclosed by Roa, that organization does not have a petty cash recipient for external financing, since supposedly the lawyers of the organization make the necessary expenses at their own risk.

However, we know that the Venezuelan Criminal Forum initially had the help of Freedom House, a US institution that is responsible for training personnel and non-governmental organizations to technically comply with the missions proposed by the United States government itself: promote Western representative democracy in every corner of the planet.

If the origin of the NGO has an American accent, and its movements are linked to institutions and representatives of the Washington establishment, how can we not think of the dollarized financing of an organization with contacts in the US Congress and the various branches of the OAS?

Back to his statements, Roa said that “there has never been any report of the income of a bolivar or a dollar, never since it was created.” And he concluded: “Financial information has never been presented, even though the Forum has a treasurer”.

How is it possible that an organization like this had never processed any financial information in its board of directors and had a treasurer? They are the inconsistencies of a revelation; For this reason, it is based on the “secret” financing of the Criminal Forum: “Mr. Alfredo Romero and Mr. Gonzalo Himiob were once told about information they had given me in connection with the delivery of money from abroad. It was explained. ”

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In fact, the interviewer from El Estímulo did us a favor by asking: “Around the Forum there are many accusations and accusations from relatives and political prisoners regarding supposed charges, in foreign currency, to take the cases. To be true? “, to which Roa replied:” To this day, I dare not say that this is false since, in the last hours, I have received information from different people about the payment requirement, in foreign currency, For his assistance, there was a case of a young man from Merida who had been asked for a significant amount of money, as well as Holt (Joshua) and the supposed payment that was asked of him, particularly, more than the organization, Alfredo Romero. To this we can add the supposed contributions of people who wanted to collaborate “.

The words speak for themselves: a founder of the Criminal Forum confirms that the organization, and specifically points out to Alfredo Romero, charges for its services, which, as seen through the media, would be free in pursuit of the alleged human rights. Does not it count as extortion? Does not this mercantile action become the logic of Luisa Ortega Díaz, who charged to accelerate or stop legal proceedings against corrupt businessmen?

The same that extorts alleged political prisoners to obtain dollars, Alfredo Romero, is the same one who tried to sabotage the dialogue between the Government and the opposition in 2014. The same one who does not miss a trip to the US with the aim of criminalizing everything that Carry by name Chavismo. The same that, according to Roa, also instrumentalizes a list of “political prisoners” (that nobody has seen but the same Romero and supposedly Luis Almagro) for private purposes.

The main one, then, is Alfredo Romero. But with it also suffers the reputation of the Venezuelan Criminal Forum, because it represents one of the main facades oenegeras of the local opposition abroad.

It is worth noting that in the guts of the NGO, which transcended in the media to catapult in recent years at the end of troubles, unveils what we have known for some time: that human rights are instrumentalized as merchandise in any circumstance , because the business of “humanitarian aid”, so publicized nowadays, has several financing and accumulation channels.

As part of this lucrative structure, for Venezuela, the Venezuelan Criminal Forum. This NGO, along with others of anti-Chavez tendency, does not work for free, much less if the stacks of bills have the face of Benjamin Franklin printed on them.

Translated from Mision Verdad.

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