DOOMSDAY: Present attempt to remove Russia from UN spells Armageddon

Doomsday clock near midnight as nuclear tensions flare


The US regime’s plot to remove Russia from the UN Security Council may seem at first glance to be just another stunt, but this is far from the case. It is natural to assume, given the pattern we’ve seen, that the recent criminal maneuver is just yet one more in a long list of frustrating but survivable performance-driven antics.

But stakes are much higher than commonly believed, and the situation is far more tense than what many have understood until now.

These are the reasons the public need to not only become concerned, but activated. Fort Russ News itself is one of the few remaining dailies bringing public awareness in the West to the acuteness of this situation.

Empirically, when big changes happen by the year, there are years left. When big changes happen by the month, there are months left. When big changes happen by the week, there are weeks left.

It is no exaggeration to say that big changes have now been happening by weeks and even days. When big changes happen every day, as we’ve seen in the last 72 hours, barring some saving event or major concession from either side, there are days left. 

This is not simply the opinion of yet another writer, but the opinion now of the leadership of both sides – Russian and American – in this increasingly out-of-control war of diplomacy and lawfare as conditions continue to rapidly deteriorate and destabilize.

How other regional hegemons and emerging powers such as India and China react now will determine the outcome at least as much as the activism of citizens within the immediately involved states.

As FRN journalist Inessa Sinchougova covered earlier today, the West is using the Skripal incident to prepare a war upon Russia:

Accusations against Russia poisoning the former GRU officer Sergei Skripal are necessary in order to manufacture public opinion for the use of military force, by the Western countries, against the Russian Federation. Such a statement was made by the chairman of the Council of Foreign Affairs Committee, Konstantin Kosachev. 

He also noted that the British side has not yet submitted any facts, samples and other evidence, including at the meeting of the UN Security Council – because”there is nothing to show.”

Earlier, British Defense Minister Gavin Williamson, commenting on the intention of Moscow to mirror the expulsion of diplomats – who said that Russia should “shut up and go away.”

The US does not possess the capacity to accomplish its aims in Syria, and at the same time the destabilizing regime cannot withstand yet another blow to its prestige. Contrary to liberal opponents of the Vietnam war, the ‘Domino Effect’ indeed is a real dynamic process with serious consequences for the American regime.

This is not to say that the US cannot wage a civilization-terminating war which will present an extinction-level event in human history.

Nikki Haley, who must be tried on charges of crimes against peace, war crimes, and crimes against humanity, under the norms established at Geneva and Nuremberg, was rebuked by Lavrov just 48 hours ago, as tensions continue to escalate. As we reported then:

“Mrs. Haley should understand that it is one thing to irresponsibly exploit the microphone in the UN Security Council and it is another thing when both the Russian and American militaries have communication channels and it is clearly stated via these channels what can be done and what must not be done,” Lavrov said.

“The US-led coalition knows well about that,” the Russian foreign minister said.

Lavrov’s warning comes as a top Russian military commander warned the US that they would not hesitate shooting out US jets in Syria. Full details of this can be read here.


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War my inevitably come in cycles, as those with the realism and memories of war pass on, and the once-young generation that grows up on their heels takes relative peace between major powers for granted.

There is a wise and popular axiom which fortunately is going around these days: Hard times create strong men. Strong men create good times. Good times create weak men. Weak men create hard times.

Despite the pretentious swaggering bluster, all those both in America’s deep state and in the superficial ‘government’ of republican representation are either untested or, in fact, weak men (and women).

The criminality of the present US regime, and the scripted but nevertheless aggravated remarks and threats made by Haley, has brought us to the present moment where total war may commence quite soon. This is not said in the hyperbolic sense, nor is this some danger simply on the distant horizon. The decisions that are made here and now, and over the next several days, will determine whether or not the next phase of hostilities is executed. Those hostilities well deteriorate with near certainty to a direct confrontation of the world’s two largest super-powers.

The Doomsday clock of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists website now has the final singularity moment that will bring civilization to nuclear annihilation, at two minutes to midnight. The closest it has been to this time, was in 1953, when the US successfully tested the hydrogen bomb.


The US reality is an echo chamber of fiction – the ‘fake news’ is as much a reflection as it is a driver of events which threaten to spiral out of control. 

Today we see a situation as complex and dangerous as the Cuban Missile Crisis, but with a leadership so far disconnected from the horrors of war, that the present generation bears almost no resemblance from decision makers half a century ago. Even back then, there was the fictional Dr. Strangelove, who in film lore represents the potentiality of a mad-man with access to the red button.

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But fiction reified into horrifying reality also surrounds the patently absurd allegations that the Russian state was behind the poisoning of Skripal.

The pre-planned and obviously manufactured temperature of events now makes it impossible to find it even remotely odd that a British-American intelligence TV drama, Strike Back, had several episodes featuring the Novichok nerve agent, with those villainous ‘evil for evil’s sake’ Russians as the perpetrators . It has long been noted that any number of destabilizing or population control based plots are piloted first on screen and in fiction. Activist and published academic Dr. Nina Kouprianova pointed this out today to her twitter followers:



Today, the Strangeloves are not just one madman, but the entire American deep state. It is not film, but reality. The statements they compel elected and appointed public officials to make, are so bizarre and out of touch with reality, that any thinking American today can clearly see they are living in a cult-driven society. The US regime is probably incurable by anything short of a military coup led by some idealist/realist faction of the military if one exists (previous hopes that such a faction supported Trump, shrink by the day), a popular uprising of the masses, a successful foreign invasion, or more likely some combination of all the above.

This is why the US regime’s deep state has mobilized its entire ‘progressive’ NGO sector to left-wash the crushing of dissenting opinions and critical citizen journalism, as we wrote about in our piece “The West’s final throes – this is what collapse looks like”. FRN isn’t only reporting on the present crisis – the attacks on our journalistic endeavor are a critical part of it. 

There exists today in the US, no internal republican processes which can bring to heel the disaster course of collapse-driven desperation and hubris which the US is presently on.

American hysteria and disinformation to the public, using the UN platform as mere product to confuse western publics and to smudge the veneer of process and legitimacy upon its hitherto out-of-form and hyperbolic ‘charges’ against Russia, now – inarguably and absolutely – brings the Doomsday clock closer to striking midnight.

Even if the present hysteria which looks, feels, and smells like a dangerous game of nuclear brinkmanship is ‘only’ intended to isolate Russia in the eyes of undecided voters as the country approaches national and presidential elections this Sunday the 18th, these games have the nasty habit of taking on a life of their own and resulting in very nasty unforeseen consequences.

The methods, pitch, and timbre of the present American diplomatic warfare on the free world led in part by Russia and China, is not only disturbing, it is horrifying. These are the days we are now in, and we must be entirely sober about where these absolutely despicable and unconscionable threats made by the wilting-but-nevertheless-nuclear-armed American ex-Empire may very well lead.And that is, in fact, the most generous interpretation.

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It is far more likely that this is much more than a stunt meant to simply and further ‘undermine’ the stature and credibility of Russia in the eyes of the Russian voting electorate. It is far more likely that this is a peak and critical moment which not only further pursues a line of precedent to reach the point that Russia may – in the eyes of this now mostly fictional little Potemkin village called ‘the International Community – that isolated little cluster of increasingly less European countries and their A5+I masters (Anglo Five plus Israel) – further reach the obvious conclusion that they wish to arrive at, that Russia is itself a ‘regime’ and a ‘rogue state’.

The Rogue-state tag is a term introduced over time from the US regime and through precedent, even though there are no internationally agreed on treaties or agreements which introduce this concept of a state that is both a recognized state with full standing in the UN and yet at the same time a ‘rogue state’. Once labelled a rogue state, its own legitimate actions and security provisions performed chiefly internally where their sovereignty exists, are then twisted into being external and aggressive attacks against this nebulous international community.

Moves to push Russia from the UN security council open up several methods by which this can happen, which we will cover in a follow-up piece to this one, later today. 

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