East Ghouta Strategy: shrink terrorist enclaves, then split

Analysts disagree on the meaning of today's strategic developments

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EAST GHOUTA, Syria – Syrian government troops continue their offensive in East Ghouta. Today, they liberated Mesraba, located in the central part of the district. Mesraba was needed so that the Syrian Army could fortify the thin piece of land needed to split East Ghouta.  Mesraba is a village located in Douma District, Rif Dimashq. According to the Syria Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS), Mesraba had a population of 5,942 in the 2004 census. Since the onset of the invasion of Syria, this population is dropped to the hundreds. Today, we expect there to be no remaining civilians not engaged in activities as enemy combatants. The Syrian military continued the offensive through agricultural fields and in some places already approached the dense urban development of the areas adjacent to Damascus.

However, the Syrian command is in no hurry to start fighting in the urban development. One of their goals at the moment is to isolate the foci of resistance from each other. For that reasons, numerous outlets report ‘slow progress today’. This is wrongly interpreted – it is ‘planned progress’. This follows a series of strategic forecasts FRN has made in regards to the final closing of the 1.5 km land area, which will separate the terrorist held areas into two further shrinking and mutually isolated zones.  It is critical to both draw terrorist attention away from the 1.5km land area, as well as to vertically shrink and reshape the 1.5 km land area, as we can see has been successfully done over the course of today and last night, seeing the new battle map below (Click for full size):

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Earlier today we reported that the Syrian Army has continued its impressive drive against terrorist formations and are now on the verge of splitting the East Ghouta enclave into two pockets. With the liberation of Mesraba town, as reported by FRN, the Syrian Army are now in prime position to liberate the 1 kilometer left that would split terrorist organizations in East Ghouta into two pockets.

Following the capture of Mesraba, SAA forces cut the Harasta – Douma road and launched a major assault at the town of Aftris. The battle for Rayhan is still ongoing at the time of this report, 7:30pm GMT.


intel from D4 and P. Lucem
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