East Ghouta terrorists: Give us aid and we will release civilians


EAST GHOUTA, Syria – Terrorists in East Ghouta have said they will release civilians to leave the war zone if they receive humanitarian aid.

This comes as the Syrian Arab Red Crescent Society’s humanitarian convoy is hopeful to enter East Ghouta on Monday, most likely during the daily Russia-imposed ceasefire that lasts for five hours beginning at 9:00 A.M. local time.

Forty-five trucks with humanitarian aid and a mobile hospital lined up on Monday morning at the checkpoint in the inhabited community of Al-Wafideen where a humanitarian corridor from Eastern Ghouta leads, TASS explained.

Including in the aid are foodstuffs, medicines and basic necessities with a total weight of 247 tonnes.

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With Saudi Arabia being the main backers of terrorist organizations in East Ghouta, this goes against the United Nations Geneva Conventions on hostages.

“Common Article 3 of the Geneva Conventions prohibits the taking of hostages. It is also prohibited by the Fourth Geneva Convention and is considered a grave breach thereof,” the convention states.

This again further demonstrates that these terrorist organizations are once again using human shields to achieve their aims or demands. The most famous case was photos released by Jaish al-Islam showing them caging women to be used as human shields so the Syrian Air Force could not respond to the locations of rockets being fired at civilians in Damascus city.

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