Air defense base recaptured; FRN accurately forecasts direction of today's attacks

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EAST GHOUTA, Syria –  Following the capture of Hawsh Qubaybat and Hawsh al Ash‘ari earlier today, SAA forces have also secured the Air Defense Base near Atfris – see map below, click to enlarge.

FRN’s full Sit-Rep for March 7th, reporting chiefly on the significance of the armored vehicle base south of Harasta, correctly forecasted that rather than closing up the 1.5 km area separating the western and eastern SAA fronts on East Ghouta, the army would instead focus operations on the south. This had the effect of pulling unprepared jihadist forces to the south, and were unable to defend the Air Defense Base, as indicated on the map.

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These moves now create the reality of freeing up the activities of both SAA military bases: the Air Defense Base near Atfris, and the armored vehicle depot and base south of Harasta.

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