Election debates: Communist Party wishes to take Russia out of the WTO


The presidential candidate of the Communist Party of Russia Pavel Grudinin believes that the country should withdraw from the World Trade Organization (WTO).


The presenter of the debates asked Grudinin whether Russia should fight for maintaining membership in such organizations as the Council of Europe, the WTO and others that do not show “certain friendliness” to the country. In response, the candidate from the Communist Party said that it is not in the “interest of our people at all.”


“This is the position of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation and all the national-patriotic forces that have united with it – we must withdraw from the WTO,” Grudinin said.


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According to him, in the organization is where “Americans dictate their conditions. And the conditions are as follows:” you do as we say, but do not do as we do. And by the way, it was the current authorities that joined this trade organization, which was, in my opinion, a mistake .When we joined the WTO, we protected only one branch – banking, all other industries were not protected,” he added.


It took Russia 17 years to joint he WTO – over many rounds of negotiations, deliberating the finest of details. Ukraine was Russia’s largest trading partner – meanwhile, in 2014, the US walked in via a back door with its good and services, never having considered the WTO arrangements in the grand scheme of things.

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