ESCALATION: US assumes naval attack posture

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Commentary by George Ades

This is the situation in the eastern Mediterranean at the moment with both the fleets of Russia and NATO having assumed battle positions in view of the threats launched by Washington, that they are “ready to strike Damascus and the Presidential palace, irrespective of the presence of Russian personnel” and with Moscow responding that they will strike the positions any missiles are launched from.

It looks like I have a front row seat to anything that might come out of those threats, considering that the #1 US lapdog, the U.K., has military bases on our Island that are unlikely to be ignored if the brown stuff hits the fan.

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A quick scan of the continents, revealed that the US has a very active political involvement in all. They consist of US vassal states, lapdogs, members of America’s military tool NATO, countries that were “regime changed” by the US, occupied by the US, being ran by the US from their embassies, “balkanised” by the US, invaded and destroyed by the US, threatened by the US or sanctioned by the US.

There were a few minor, insignificant islands somewhere in the Pacific the US has not shown much interest in, but I don’t know enough to write about them and in any case, many would not have heard of them before.

As for Russia, I write about it as it seems to be the only country that offers a glimmer of hope as a counterweight and obstacle to the unipolar world the US wants.

So, if I wish to continue expressing political views, the US and Russia will be the focal point.

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