Kemerovo victim: “FSB deleted photo evidence from my phone”


Editor’s note: We’ve amended the headline at 5 pm Belgrade time on March 30th, so it’s clear that this is a claim being made by a victim of the Kemerovo fire, not an official finding, credible theory, or statement of fact. Russians are reading and following these sorts of posts, which originally published at Vesti and also at RuPosters as indicated, which is where we translated this piece from. Vesti is federal news outlet, like RIA. Outlets like Echo Moscow and Moscow Times are sources we intentionally avoid because of their dubious funding sources, and recurring problems with the reliability of their coverage, as well as their limited audience share. We know our readers want to know what is going on inside of Russia, and what sorts of stories Russians are following. That is our mandate. Other ‘pro-Russian’ news outlets are generally owned or controlled by the Russian state or government at some level.

Fort Russ News is fiercely independent and presents valuable educational and research materials which allow Anglophone audiences to see and read for themselves actual news stories, news and events theories, and popular narratives which Russians themselves are following and, we presume, subscribing to on some level.  This guy who lost his whole family in the fire, he makes different statements everyday. So maybe someone’s working his head a little bit, and there’s a whole story here. The day before this piece he stated that he was shown surveillance footage and the cinema was not locked from the outside. We published this tooThese two statements seem opposite but it could very well happen both ways…  we are covering this whole story.

Thanks to our readers for their good questions and pressing us to be clear about what this story means. The point is – this was a major domestic incident inside the Russian Federation, and Fort Russ offers a realistic and accurate glimpse into how Russian audiences are interacting with this news. – J. Flores, Editor in Chief.



A resident of Kemerovo, Igor Vostrikov, who lost his entire family in the fire has spoken out about the theft of a number of photos from his phone.

The fire in the shopping center killed his wife, sister, as well as his three children.

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“They [assumed he meant the authorities] got into our phones and deleted photos we took at the scene of the fire. We  went to look over them and they weren’t there. My mother looked at them yesterday, but now we can’t find them. My wife’s Facebook “VK” was hacked, a number of photos have been deleted – they left only generic ones. I’m shocked, to be honest,” Igor said.

What purpose could there be for the authorities destroying photographic evidence?

The same man, Igor Vostrikov, has said earlier that he was shown camera surveillance footage which showed that the doors to the cinema were not locked from the outside, as previously thought.

Man Who Lost Entire Family Says Kemerovo Cinema Door Was Not Locked



Source Ruposters
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