Grimchak, Ukrainian in charge of the Donbass Oblasts, sees 3 scenarios for recovering Donbass; 2 of them are Croatian; all 3 mean war

The first scenario is military, the second, modeled on Krajina in the Croatian war, would require a Russian promise not to interfere, the third would make use of UN "Peacekeepers"

Yuri Grimchak on Channel 5
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Translator note: Though Grimchak only cites the first as “the military one,” all three scenarios are military, two following Croatian models

Kiev. Three possible scenarios are considered for the return of the uncontrolled Donbass in Ukraine. Yuri Grimchak, Deputy Minister for “Temporary Occupied Territories and Internally Displaced Persons,” explained on Channel 5.

“Now there are three options for the development of events. The first is the military way. Somewhere in the General Staff we, like any normal state, are setting it out on charts: where, who, whither, and with what forces. At the same time, we are also looking ahead when our people will move forward, and when they are on the other side. It is the normal work of the General Staff to plan the possible development of events for the best or worst cases,” he said.

According to him, under the military scenario the Ukrainian military can take control of Donbass in about two weeks. “The only question is – what forces will the Russian Federation strike with in response, from the side – is not important. I think that this option is being developed,” Grimchak continued.

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The Deputy Minister of the Ministry of the Interior notes that the Croatian scenario in the Donbass, in one form or another, is not excluded in Ukraine. “There were two Croatian scenarios. The first was the Serbian Krajina, where UN troops were stationed, but Milosevic gave assurances that his army would not leave the barracks and not interfere there, so the Croatian army defeated the army of the Serbian Krajina in 3 days, and it was all over very quickly. If we consider such a scenario, we should, thanks to our international partners, obtain guarantees from the Russian Federation that it will not attack our troops,” he said.

The third option, in the opinion of the Deputy Minister which can be used to return the Donbass, is an example of Eastern Slavonia. “This is the Croatian region, which was controlled by Serbs, where the UN peacekeeping mission came in, an international interim administration was created that actually did the same thing we want to do here – disarm the militants and return the territory under control. This is the option, which today is more realistic,” Grimchak said.

The transcription was prepared by Donetsk News.

Source Donetskie Novosti
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