Is Grudinin the richest Communist ever?

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A rich communist – kind of an oxymoron!  The Swiss Tax Service reported 11 extra bank accounts of the presidential candidate of Russia from the Communist Party, Pavel Grudinin. One of the accounts is for precious metals only – gold. 

“The Federal Tax Service applied to the Swiss Authorities with request for information. Swiss colleagues informed us that, in addition to the two accounts that we knew of,  Pavel Nikolayevich Grudinin, as of December 31, 2017, had 11 more bank accounts. Thus,  Grudinin had a total of 13 accounts in Swiss banks.”

“From the answer that we received from our colleagues in Switzerland, the accounts are for different types of finances, including one account in the form of precious metals.”

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Grudinin had informed the Electoral Commission that he did not have foreign accounts, besides the two mentioned.


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