Here we go again: YPG blames Russia for situation in Afrin, makes no mention of US ally

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AFRIN, Syria – The Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) have once again blamed Russia for the precarious predicament they find themselves in the northwest Syrian region of Afrin.

The Turkish-led Olive Branch forces, comprising of the Turkish military and their puppets, have continued their drive to expel the YPG from Afrin by surrounding Afrin city from three different axes and splitting YPG areas of control into pockets.

The YPG affiliated Afrin Press released a long-winded statement devoid of reality and self-criticism that blames Russia for the situation they are facing against the Olive Branch Forces.

It begins its statement by professionally saying that “It’s time now for all Kurds to get ready and smash the fuck out Russian embassies everywhere.”

It then states “Because, without Russia’s consent Turkey would never have been able to bomb & terrorise Kurdish civilians in Afrin, this is because Russia used to control the skies above the city of Afrin.” Perhaps someone should highlight that it should be Washington’s job to prevent the Turkish-led invasion of Afrin considering the US directly supports the YPG but is also an ALLY of Turkey through the NATO organization. This simple little fact was not considered, or probably ignored, by the statement writers.

The statement does acknowledge that the whole catastrophic situation could have been prevented if the YPG simply handed over administration of the region to the Syrian government.

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“A few days before Afrin offensive, Russia asked YPG to fully hand over Afrin to Assad regime, but when YPG refused, Russia retaliated by inviting Turkey to invade the city. We also believe that Russia has given Turkey details and location of YPG fighters in Afrin,” the statement said.

The problem is, Russia did not retaliate by “inviting” Turkey to invade the city. Why would Russia endorse a new battle to worry about in Syria when it was already concentrating its efforts to fight the SAME forces invading Afrin in southern Idlib province. So Russia is fighting the same terrorists in Idlib, but in neighboring Afrin it “invited” Turkey and those same terrorists to fight the YPG.

These delusions again demonstrate how despite being betrayed by the US, the YPG would still rather blame Russia for the situation it finds itself in. Rather, Russia had just offered a viable solution that would have seen civilians living in peace, however, the YPG arrogance has now meant that Turkish-led forces will occupy Afrin region and has resulted in thousands of Kurdish civilians fleeing….. and not only fleeing, but fleeing to Syrian government held towns like Nubl and Zahraa. So on one hand we have the YPG refusing to allow the Syrian government to assume control of Afrin region, but then the Kurdish civilians are now fleeing to Syrian government controlled areas for safety. This point seems to have passed by those associated with “Afrin Press”.

This statement comes as Turkish-led forces have split the YPG into two areas of Afrin. Further details and a map can be seen here.

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