Heroes don’t wear capes – people risked own lives to save kids

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While Kemerovo investigators try to understand the causes of the monstrous tragedy in the “Winter Cherry” shopping mall,  stories emerge about ordinary people who, not thinking about their own lives, rushed into the fire, saving others. First of all, children.

Survivors are not easy to find, others don’t remember the faces of those who helped them. But even in a situation of general panic and chaos, some stand out.

A group of surviving children said that a man had led them out – he reassured everyone so that they did not panic, and led them out of the burning room.  They don’t remember what he looked like, and whether he went back into the building. “I would like to meet him and personally thank him,” says the mother of the rescued child.

But there are brave people whose names are  known. A teacher of foreign languages, ​​Tatyana Darsalia, was in the complex with her 14-year-old daughter Eli. The woman managed to get her daughter out of the building, and then, knowing that there are children there, she went back into the building, managing to bring out a couple more at a time. Until the last moment, her relatives and colleagues hoped that Tatyana was alive, but she never made it out again. Her name is on the list of the victims.

Journalists also became aware of another hero. Fortunately, he managed to survive. The 17-year-old cadet of the Ministry of Emergency Measures, Dima Polukhin, grabbed three children from the burning shopping center while escaping himself.

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He had already descended to the third floor (from the fourth) when he heard a woman screaming: “I’m not going anywhere, I have children left there!”

“I went up to her, asked where they were. She was incomprehensible, just waved her hand to one side, I went there – a shop, a second second, a third shop… Nobody there. And then I heard children’s screams “, – said the young rescuer. Polukhin saw that in one of the rooms, covered by smoke, three kids were huddled in a corner.

“In the darkness, I fumbled and came across a hand, it was a boy of 11, as I later saw. I also grabbed two  girls by the collar and dragged them to the exit,” Dima said. The cadet Polukhin managed to bring all three out of the building.

The tragedy has a number of strange circumstances, which increasingly does not look like an accident. The fire alarm was turned off, the timing was that of school holidays so plenty of children came to the movies. The children were locked from the outside, an unusual practice.

Source Vesti
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