Iran: US is evacuating ISIS leaders from Syria

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The United States is trying to save the “Islamic State” by transporting its leaders from Syria to other countries, said Alaeddin Boroujerdi, chairman of the committee on national security and foreign policy of the Iranian parliament.

According to him, Syria is a successful example of cooperation between Iran and Russia. The US and its allies in Europe have been defeated in their purpose.

“Under these conditions, the US, as the father of the ISIS, follows the policy of saving the leaders of the organization. They are being transported to the north of Afghanistan, to Libya and Yemen, so that the crisis in the region continues,” said Boroujerdi at a conference in Moscow.

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Earlier, Iran’s chief of staff Mohammad Bakeri suspected the US of transferring fighters, including ISIS terrorists to Afghanistan. The same view was also expressed by the former head of the Iranian Defense Ministry, Ahmad Wahid, who stated that the Western forces are sending militant groups to Afghanistan and Central Asia, following their defeat in Syria.


Source RIA
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