Is US army only barely smart enough to read comic books?


The Cyber ​​Institute of the US Military Academy (ACI) has published a manual in the form of a comic book in which NATO forces lose a conflict with Russia. This is reported by IEEE Spectrum  – a monthly magazine published by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

It is noted that the illustrated manuals are created for the US military in order to encourage them to think about the wars of the future and how exactly preparations for such conflicts should be conducted.

According to the story, it is set in 2027, where Moldova and Romania decide to unite and thereby cross Russia’s “red line”. The tension is exacerbated by the fact that NATO and Moscow are conducting exercises on different sides of the Russian border at this time. At some point, individual troops deviate from the pre-planned action plan, robots enter the battle and a full-scale conflict begins.

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“Our mission is to prevent a strategic surprise for the army,” said ACI employee Lt. Col. Natalie Vanette.

Vanette noted that the format of the instructions may seem unusual, but comic books help military personnel “understand incomprehensible things.”


Source RIA
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