Is Zhirinovsky gay? Accusations come to light from gay journalist

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The journalist Renat Davletgildeyev, has publicly announced harassment by the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia, Vladimir Zhirinovsky. Zhirinovsky is a long-standing politician, and one of the more animated in Russian politics.

According to Renat, he interviewed the politician in 2006 in Gostiny Dvor, where the contest “Miss Russia” was held. “I, a young boy, a journalist, a sucker, caught Zhirinovsky in the foyer for comment, he touched me with his hands, quite obtrusively,” the journalist said.

“Then the assistants of [the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia] come up to me and, picking up my arms, they suggest we go with them to a sauna. I was rather frightened, I muttered something and run away to the hall full of people,” he continued.

Davletgildeyev explained why he did nothing after this incident. “Back then, there was no public discussion about harassment, plus [I was experiencing] a moment of realizing my own homosexuality and trying to hide it,” the journalist said.

“” tried to contact Zhirinovsky’s press secretary, but they were unavailable.

Previously, Davletgildeev, an openly gay man in Russia [note – no prison sentence as of yet, as some MSM would have you believe!], publicly stated that he was harassed by Zhirinovsky on his Facebook. He also hinted at other similar incidents involving members of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia and “dozens of deputies” who “prefer to take boys on sauna trips instead of girls”.

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On Wednesday, March 21, the State Duma Commission on Ethics held a hearing for complaints of journalists about the conduct of MP Leonid Slutsky. Following the meeting with Farida Rustamova, the correspondent for the Russian Service of the BBC, and Darya Zhuk, the producer of Rain TV [both liberal platforms, funded from abroad], who openly stated cases of harassment by the parliamentarian. However, the commission recognized Slutsky’s behavior as acceptable.

The issue is that video footage exists where Slutsky made suggestive statements to the female journalists – what’s not recognised, is that the recorded video footage was without his knowledge. By law – the person being “interviewed” must be aware he is being recorded. Yet, it is not clear how that coincides with cases of potential harassment. Slutsky is currently in limbo as it pertains to his reputation.

Who is to believe? We must consider a current “trend” in the West to accuse people in power of harassment – whether or not its true. However that’s not to say, that it isn’t true without an investigtion.

After this decision of the Commission, many publications, including, announced a boycott of the State Duma.

This story is developing.

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