Italians say “no” to liberalism

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RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil – Once again we have demonstrated that we are right in our analyzes; the Italian election that took place this past weekend gave another clear indication that the main contradiction of our era is represented by a tension between, on the one hand, liberal globalism and, on the other, the identities of peoples.

As a result, the Italians massively rejected the establishment parties, both Matteo Renzi’s Democratic Party and Silvio Berlusconi’s Forza Italia: the two main parties of the international capitalist elites and defenders of the status quo.

Italian indignation, however, was fragmented in support of several anti-globalization and anti-liberal parties, notably Matteo Salvini’s Lega and Beppe Grillo’s 5-Star Movement. Also worthy of mention are smaller organizations such as CasaPound and the Communist Party.

All these are organizations with their own characteristics. Lega is a regionalist organization that has even been separatist. The 5-Star Movement is an expression of a center-left populism. CasaPound is a third-party organization. And the Communist Party is of Stalinist orientation.

Despite these notable differences, however, all these organizations aroused the interest of the Italian masses in what constituted some kind of alternative to the liberal policies of the parties of the system, the PD and the FI.

In short, the Italian people voted for Euro-skepticism, sovereignty, criticism of NATO and criticism of immigration, driven by disenchantment with neoliberalism, which condemned countless Italians to unemployment and countless small and medium-sized national companies bankrupt.

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While it is possible to expect some level of “compromise” in favor of governability from the two leading parties, since no one has achieved a clear majority, the Brussels and Washington elites definitely did not like the outcome of the elections.

This is enough, in the opposite direction, to consider it positive for the Italian people and for the world.

Towards a Multipolar World!

Translated from Nova Resistencia.

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