Kemerovo: Who locked kids inside the movie theatres?


Nadezhda Suddenok, general director of the burned down shopping and entertainment complex “Winter Cherry” in Kemerovo, who has been detained, stated that in her opinion the tragedy was arson.

“We never locked doors in our cinemas, even though we had comments from the guests that (other patrons) often slam doors during a movie session, but we still never locked doors. How did the children find themselves locked in the halls? If only some technical malfunction, because they were automatic , magnetic locks, I have no more versions, “she said.

“On the same day that the fire broke out, I walked around the staff, asked them if they had brought all the guests out. Absolutely everyone answered me: “All were taken out, all are alive.” Nobody told me children were locked in the movie theatres,” continued Nadezhda.

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Meanwhile, eyewitnesses say that the same guards held back relatives and friends from entering, in order to try and get their children out. Moreover, a number employees noted that after the false alarms on March 19 and 22, the fire alarm system was completely disconnected. How false were these, or were they intentionally tested to be working in the event of a fire? Who made the decision to switch it off?

The judge extended her detention for 72 hours until late in the evening, March 29. The measure of restraint, according to preliminary information, is all that can be made for now.

Source Vesti
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