Kurdish forces to open new front against Turkish-led invaders in Syria – reports

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AFRIN, Syria – With Turkish-led forces, including their Syrian proxies, moving rapidly to take the Afrin region in northwest Syria from the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG), the Kurdish militia are contemplating in opening a new front to alleviate pressure.

The report was first made by Amberin Zaman, a columnist for Al-Monitor.

She claims that the YPG will open a new front against the Turkish-led forces in northern Aleppo countryside who dubbed themselves as “Euphrates Shield”. The bulk of the new front will be concentrated around the major town of Manbij that currently has US military personnel.

“YPG is thinking of opening a second front against Turkish-led forces in the Euphrates Shield area from Manbij to alleviate pressure on Afrin and SDF source told me they are going to pause fight against IS in Deir Zour. Was unable to confirm separately,” she stated from her Twitter account.

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The Syrian Democratic (SDF) is a coalition of militias led by the YPG who control large swathes of territory in northern and eastern Syria.

This puts the US in a precarious situation as they are the main backers of the SDF but are also NATO allies with Turkey.

It can be expected that Ankara would deploy additional soldiers to take on this new threat if the YPG are to open a new front against Turkish-led forces.

Most significantly is the YPG’s willingness to stop its battle against ISIS in the eastern desert province of Deir Ezzor so that it could immediately deal with the Turkish-led invasion.

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