Latvia phases out Russian language completely

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Latvia has approved the translation of all national schools into Latvian. The decision was made in the final reading. The transition of schools to the state language of instruction is necessary, said the Prime Minister of Latvia, Maris Kuchinskis.

Now the bill stands for approval of the President of Latvia.

There are about 2 million people in Latvia – about 40% of them are Russian-speaking. The only state language is Latvian.

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All schools will be taught entirely in Latvian by 2021. 


The poster in the photograph reads “We want to study in Russian.” Latvia is one of few countries in the world that has something called a “non-citizen”, which is a citizen without any rights, such as voting or receiving benefits. There are about 300,00 non-citizens, who were born there but simply did not learn Latvian after the collapse of the USSR. This is discrimination based on a number of human rights conventions, but the EU prefers not to notice it.

Source Vesti
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