Laughter in France as Macron tasks AFP with vetting the news

Les Bobards d'Or is like a national "pants on fire" award and the winner was AFP

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At Fort Russ, we learned early that Agence France Presse (AFP) was a puppet of Western propaganda, because in the early days of the Donetsk Peoples Republic, AFP covered events there, but their reporter, even though hospitalized from one of the blasts, pretended not to know where the incoming bombardments were coming from — a martyr to the cause! This was no better than the early coverage by CNN, where the coverage of a blast at a Donetsk bus stop was broadcast with the crawler text “UNCERTAIN THE SOURCE OF THE SHELLING.”  Both have since decided that it is easier just not to cover Donetsk and Lugansk at all. Omission is the falsest form of fake news.  But here is today’s news and commentary from France:

Paris, from Boulevard Voltaire, an interview with Jean-Yves Le Gallou

Emmanuel Macron has expressed the wish to give AFP the task of certifying information … a news item that did not fail to make Jean-Yves Le Gallou laugh, since AFP – which just won the trophy Gold Bobard for all its work – is the chief disinformator.

Emmanuel Macron would like AFP to certify the news. What do you think ?

I think having AFP certify information is a bit like charging DSK with a temperance and modesty class. It’s really amazing! [Dominique Strauss-Kahn became notorious in 2011 when a New York hotel maid accused him of rape – tr]
The agents of the AFP are the misinformers in chief, by the approximation, the deformation and the type of scoops which earned them in particular getting named as Bobard d’Or by the jury.
Of course, I am referring to the double dispatch, which consists of sending first dispatches that minimize an event that we want to reduce, and then send dispatches that are closer to reality once it is too late.
To have the facts certified by AFP is still extraordinary, but that does not surprise me comiong from Mr. Macron.

What did the jury say about the Bobards d’Or?

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The jury of the Bobards d’Or has awarded its prize to AFP for all of their work. Out of 14 candidates for the Bobards d’Or, 6 entries came from AFP directly or indirectly. Indeed, AFP is copied and sometimes distorted by others by playing on the ambiguity of its writing.

Will they win the award again?

There is surely an opportunity to renew our 2015 adventure with AFP. Indeed, I remind you that AFP had already obtained a Golden Bobard in 2015 for his applesauce about James Foley.
They announced at the time that this journalist had been kidnapped by the troops of the evil Bashar Al-Assad. Then they had made a lot of “information” on this subject when it got out that the unfortunate James Foley had been kidnapped and slaughtered by the Islamic State. It was an absolutely huge trick that had earned AFP the prize. We went to the head of a small delegation to give the trophy to AFP.
Unfortunately, we were unable to enter because AFP asked the police to protect them. We had this quite surreal scene where the troops of the police headquarters were protecting the troops of the thought police. But we can actually try to start again.

Will hunt for Fake News led by Emmanuel Macron will it be effective in your opinion?

With Macron, fake news is not inaccurate information, but information that displeases, information that disturbs, and information that must be silenced.
Emmanuel Macron, it’s a touch of Kim Jung Macron. He has a somewhat North Korean view of information. He wants to label and certify official information, that is to say, the one that suits the interests and truths of power.
At the time of the Soviet Union, the TASS agency said what pleased Mr. Stalin or Mr. Brejnev. Today, we will have AFP to say and certify what pleases Mr. Macron.

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