Lavrov asks West to consider motives of Skripal case

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Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has spoken of who potentially had the motives to order the poisoning of former Colonel of the GRU Sergei Skripal.

“Maybe they (motives) are on behalf of those who would like to continue the Russophobic campaign in all spheres of human activity without exception,” he said.

“Without presenting concrete facts, [Britain] will have to be responsible for the frank attempt to mislead the world.”

On March 12, British Prime Minister Theresa May stated that Skripal was poisoned by the nerve agent “Novice”, developed in Russia. She termed it “a crime against the United Kingdom”, in which “with a high degree of probability” Moscow is involved. May expressed her confidence that what is happening is in line with Russia’s behavior in recent years.

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However, Skripal previously served time in a Russian prison, where nobody threatened his safety. Then he was pardoned and exchanged for a number of spies – when he left for Britain. Almost a decade later, it is simply non-sensical for the authorities to all of a sudden use a nerve agent on the eve of the elections – especially one that can be traced back to Russia!

One of the creators of “Novice,” chemist Vil Mirzayanov left for the United States in the 1990s after he wrote an article in the Moskovskie Novosti newspaper “Poisoned Politics.” In it, the specialist accused Russia of not fulfilling its obligations to stop the production and testing of chemical weapons. After the publication of the article, he was accused of divulging state secrets, but human rights defenders and US officials stood up for him. Soon Mirzayanov was released and the criminal case was closed. In his native Tatarstan he was an activist of the local separatist movement for secession from Russia.

In one of his books, Mirzayanov detailed the secret information about the program for the creation of chemical weapon “Foliant”, launched in 1973. Within the program, 5 types of binary chemical weapons were developed, codenamed “Novice”.

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