Lavrov says Britain is merely playing to be “important”

Sergei Lavrov
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The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia, Sergey Lavrov, has stated who he thinks benefits from the scandal with the attempted murder of Skripal. According to Lavrov, the current British government is “winning” with the hysteria.

“It is clear that London is in a very difficult situation in the negotiations with the EU on Brexit. The popularity of this government is not looking too good. The fact that Brussels does not allow what the people voted for, their constituents, is known to the public of Great Britain. And this move with the organization of provocation around S. Skripal distracts said attention. The second reason is (maybe this is my subjective opinion, I do not know much about the British) their desire to not be forgotten, their desire to lead (as a former empire). In this case, Russophobia was chosen because, probably, areas where Britain could reasonably lead are becoming more and more scarce. “

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Source Vesti
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