MAJOR! Are the Syrian Army, terrorists on the verge of a deal in East Ghouta?

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EAST GHOUTA, Syria – It has been reported by Al-Masdar News that the Syrian Army and Jaish al-Islam, the most dominant terrorist group operating in East Ghouta to the east of Damascus city center, have reached a reconciliation deal.

The preliminary report suggests that Jaish al-Islam have agreed to the terms of conditions to the reconciliation deal.

The reported conditions for the deal are as follows:

  • Jaysh Al-Islam will agree to their release prisoners in Douma, including those from the Syrian Army.
  • Jaysh Al-Islam will hand over all of their heavy weapons to the government.
  • Jaysh Al-Islam will give the government and army full access roads to Douma; this will allow the wounded to be transported to local hospitals.
  • Those militants in Douma will decide whether they will go to Idlib, Daraa, or stay in the East Ghouta to settle their cases with the state.
  • Food staples and aid will enter Douma and a local police unit will be formed by civil leaders in the district.
  • State Institutions will start to work inside Douma after a “short period”. The basic services of water, electricity and sewage system will take priority.
  • Individual arms ownership will be organized within existing laws governing administered by the State.

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This comes as the Syrian Army continues its impressive offensive against terrorist groups operating in the region. In a matter of a short few weeks, the Syrian Army has liberated over two-thirds of the region that was once a major stronghold for groups opposed to the secular Syrian government.

This deal cannot be independently verified by Fort Russ News at this time.

Elsewhere, Turkish-backed militants have directly threatened to go to war with China. Further details of this can be read here.

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