Major blunder by RT! They put the flag of the pseudo-state in Cyprus! (IMAGE + VIDEO)

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The Russian news agency Russia Today (RT), which is financed by the Russian government, has made a blow to the Republic of Cyprus, although most likely an honest mistake.

More specifically, in a report on the mass expulsions of Russian diplomats from countries of the European Union, at the point of the countries that did not proceed to this measure, next to the name of Cyprus was placed the illegal flag of the pseudo-state Northern Cyprus that is recognized by no-one but Turkey.

The problem was characterized by Nicosia being serious and in a post on Twitter, Lobby for Cyprus, corrected the Russian agency, noting that this “flag” is illegal and used only by Turkey.

Turkey invaded northern Cyprus in 1974. To this day, Turkey occupies the northern 36% of Cyprus and refuses to allow the island to reunify into a single state.

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Translated from Crash Magazine Online

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