MAJOR! Syrian Army finds chemical weapons workshop in East Ghouta

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EAST GHOUTA, Syria – Syrian government forces have found a make-shift workshop for making chemical weapons, the Syrian army’s Colonel Ferraz Ibrahim told the media on Monday.

The workshop was found as the Syrian Army combed the town of Aftris following the militants’ pullout just hours ago.

“Apparently the charges were made as part of preparations for a provocation with the aim to eventually accuse government troops of using chemical weapons,” he said.

Earlier, Syria’s Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad said militants in Eastern Ghouta had been plotting an imitation of a chemical attack in order to blame it on government forces.

Also, he said that terrorists from the group Tahrir al-Sham had a plan for “sacrificing” several women.

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East Ghouta has been the site of many chemical weapon allegations against the Syrian government. Despite their denial of perpetrating these attacks, mainstream media and western politicians, as well as their regional allies, have immediately blamed the government without exploring the possibility it may have been committed by terrorist forces.

Former US President Barack Obama called chemical weapons a “red line” in Syria, indicating he was willing to intervene against the Syrian government if these chemical attacks continued. Although there was a huge spike in chemical weapon attacks in Syria that were blamed on the government since that announcement, Obama never militarily intervened in the country.

All serious analysis on the chemical weapon allegations in Syria conclude that they were most likely perpetrated by terrorists to force a US intervention in Syria against the government. It must be remembered, these are the same terrorist forces who have refused to allow civilians to leave the war zone, effectively making them hostages. It must also be remembered that these are the same terrorists who caged women and used them as human shields as they bombarded civilian areas of Damascus with mortar fire.

Meanwhile, Fort Russ News can now confirm that the town of Harasta is now besieged by the Syrian Army, primarily by the elite 4th Mechanized Units. They finally achieved this outcome after liberating the last few hundred meters of the Harasta Orchards on the Harasta to Duma road. Further details can be read here.

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