MAJOR: Syrian forces attacks Turkish military in Aleppo province


ALEPPO, Syria – Rumors emerged last night that Syrian pro-government forces attacked Turkish military positions near the terrorist-held town of Anadan in western Aleppo countryside. Since these rumors emerged, it can now be confirmed by Fort Russ News.

Syrian forces unleashed at least an Syrian forces fired an entire salvo of Grad rocket fire at Turkish forces according to Syrian Digital Media.

The exact location of the attack was the newly established Turkish Army observation base near Anadan.

It has not been mentioned which Syrian forces attacked the Turkish observation base, but it assumed to be the Iranian-organized National Defense Forces seeking revenge for the high death toll they sustained during the recent battle for Afrin.

It is expected that Turkish forces in Aleppo will continually be targeted. The Turkish military are mostly driven to defeat the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) in northern Syria as they consider them to be a terrorist organization.


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Ser Korz
Ser Korz
3 years ago

Turkish Army needs to establish observation post by the Kremlin for the NATO USA; Yo!…. to keep an eye on bad boy Putin. Russia will complain but that is okay, USA NATO is usede to that.

3 years ago

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