MAJOR: YPG surrounded and desperate in Afrin

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AFRIN, Syria – The Turkish-led Olive Branch forces, comprising of the Turkish military and their Syrian puppets, have had an extremely busy day yesterday in the northwest region of Afrin by creating a desperate situation for their enemies.

The Olive Branch forces captured 12 villages from the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) on the Rajo-Hadid-Jindares axes.

Their offensive meant that they have managed to connect the Jindares axis with the Sharran axis. This has effectively created a pocket of Mabtatli that sees the YPG in this part of Afrin disconnected from their comrades in the south.

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This also spells bad news for the YPG in Afrin city who now see themselves surrounded by Turkish-led forces from the north, east and west. It is not known whether the Olive Branch forces will now attempt to clear the pocket or completely besiege Afrin city.

However, it is certain that the YPG presence in Afrin is running short of time, especially as they show no willingness to hand over control of the little areas they still do to the Syrian government.

Despite the YPG’s arrogance, thousands of civilians have fled to Syrian government safety in the towns of Nubl and Zahraa.

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