Man who lost entire family says Kemerovo cinema door was not locked


The doors in the cinema hall in Kemerovo’s shopping mall  were not locked from the outside – they were locked by one of the movie goers, trying to save people, said Igor Vostrikov, who lost a sister, a wife, and all three of his children in the fire.

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“We have been shown surveillance camera footage of the passageway to the cinema halls, from which it was evident that the doors were not locked from the outside. Some people exited prior to the event. Our kids were in the cinema, where no alarm went off. Some people tried to exit, but they saw dense smoke in the corridor, absolutely impenetrable, and a man decided to lock the door, line the cracks with clothing and wait for the rescuers, but the rescuers, as you know, did not arrive. He, incidentally, was the only one who survived from the movie theatre.”


Source Vesti
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