MAP: 50% of East Ghouta liberated by Syrian Army

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EAST GHOUTA, Syria – Despite only being a few weeks into the operation, the Syrian Army has liberated over 50% of the East Ghouta pocket to the immediate east of Damascus city center.

This comes as the Syrian Army has deployed all of its elite units, including the Tiger Forces, the Republican Guards and the 4th Mechanized Units, against terrorist organizations operating in East Ghouta, primarily Jaish al-Islam whose founder was filmed praising Osama Bin Laden.

Yesterday was a busy day for the Syrian Army as they liberated the Air Defense Base and the two towns of Hawsh Qubaybat and Hawsh Al-Ash’ari in the southern portion of the besieged pocket.

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With the Air Defense Base liberated, the Syrian Army will mostly concentrate today’s effort of liberating the final 1km of territory needed to split East Ghouta into two pockets. This was cut off the major towns of Irbin and Jobar from Harasta and Duma and place further pressures on terrorist organizations.

It is expected that terrorist resistance will struggle as the Syrian Army has liberated most of the farmland in East Ghouta, meaning their food bowl has been taken, and smuggle routes for weapons are closed.

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