MAP: Limited progress today as high-winds slow down Syrian Army in East Ghouta

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EAST GHOUTA, Syria – The Syrian Army has continued its march today, abeit with limited advancements, but enough so that they now control 51% of the East Ghouta pocket in only a few weeks of operations.

Effectively, terrorist forces operating in East Ghouta, directly to the east of Damascus city center, only control approximately 51 square kilometers of territory.

Although it was expected the Syrian Army would quickly liberate Mesraba town from terrorist forces, high winds over the last 24 hours in this part of Syria has severely hindered operations, marking a relatively quite day in the contested region compared to the previous few weeks. Despite the slow progress today, previous days saw rapid results, with some of these captured on camera. The video can be seen here.

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Mesraba must be liberated so that the Syrian Army has a strong command of the center of the East Ghouta region and fortify the 1 kilometer that remains before the enclave is split into two pockets.

With the enclave split into two pockets, it is expected that major towns like Jobar, Irbin, Harasta and Duma will quickly fall as supply lines and manpower continues to diminish.

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