MAP + PHOTOS: Huge swathes of East Ghouta liberated from jihadist forces


EAST GHOUTA, Syria – Huge swathes of the East Ghouta region has been liberated after terrorist forces operating in the area agreed to hand over control to the Syrian Army and be relocated to Idlib province in northwest Syria.

Yesterday the Syrian Army took full control of the towns of Harasta and Ain Terma after an agreement with terrorist forces.

Today, if everything goes according to plan, Arbin, Jobar, Zamalka and Haza will go back to Syrian government control with the terrorist relocated to Idlib.

This effectively means that only the town of Duma is left to be liberated. 90% of East Ghouta is now liberated after only a months worth of operations by the Syrian Army against the jihadists. The full liberation of East Ghouta will mean that the daily mortar strikes against civilians in Damascus city center, just to the immediate west of East Ghouta, will cease.

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No final agreement for Jaish al-Islam’s stronghold Duma, but the group will be releasing more than 3,000 prisoners as a gesture of good will so they to can possibly be relocated to Idlib.

With the clearance of East Ghouta, Yarmouk and neighboring areas to the south of Damascus city center remain the only jihadist-held areas of the capital city. ISIS controls the bulk of jihadist-held areas of south Damascus.

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