Marine Le Pen: There is a Cold War against Russia by the EU

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PARIS, France – Marine Le Pen said on the France Info radio station in an interview on Friday that the European Union is waging a Cold War against Russia.

The latest actions by London and the European Union over the Skripal case is demonstrative of this Cold War the leader of France’s National Front party said.

“I believe that the current events may have far more significant implications,” Le Pen said.

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“It’s a strategy of building a wall separating Russia and the European Union. I know from my own experience of work in the European Parliament that the European Union is conducting a real Cold War against Russia,” Le Pen said.

On March 4, former GRU Colonel Sergei Skripal, convicted in Russia of spying for Britain, and his daughter Yulia were affected by a nerve gas in Salisbury – if Britain’s version of the incident is to be believed. London later claimed that the chemical substance had been developed in Russia and blamed Moscow for complicity in the incident,” TASS explained.

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