Navalny team trains election interrupters

if there are no violations, the Navalny team "did not do its job"


“No violations? – then come up with them”: Navalny prepares provocations for presidential elections

by Andrei Petrov, Moscow. Supporters of Navalny with the support of employees of the movement “Golos” are planning to use any provocations to discredit and de-legitimize the presidential elections in Russia on voting day. According to the political scientist and professor of the PFUR Yuri Pochta, such actions are designed for widest coverage in the western media….
Provocations in elections
Elections will be held Sunday, so the supporters of Navalny are once more activated. Moreover, in this case we are not talking about the so-called “Voter Strike,” which judging by recent polls will have zero effect on the level of turnout, but about specific approaches to finding frauds in the polling stations.

For example, during training to prepare observers at the headquarters of Aleksei Navalny, conducted by one of the employees of the Golos [“Voice”] movement, they discuss the need for observers to provoke scandals at polling stations, engage in skirmishes with members of the election commission and to complicate their work in other ways. As one such provocation, a Golos employee calls on observers to put up a Putin sticker at the poll, photograph it, and then submit a complaint about illegal campaigning.
Another scheme works like this: “Take your previously received ballot, put a few empty papers under it and throw it into the urn. Your partner snaps the whole thing, sends to us and the case is ready.” If you can not spot real violations, then create conditions and fantasize, and call in Golos. The “golden rule” for observers sounds like “what is not forbidden, is allowed”, so if there are no violations, the Navalny team “did not do its job” and will have to come up with them.

[At the Russian language source, linked below, there is a 28-minute video of such a training session]

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Westward alignment
“I would call such plans a vivid evidence of external interference. A lot of publications have already appeared on the Golos movement, in which their previous and current sources of funding have been revealed – in part they are hidden, and partly affiliated with the West. And since Navalny and his entourage were unable by law to nominate their candidate for president, they intend to deal with the de-legitimization of the election procedure.

“Their activities are designed for broad coverage in the media of the West. There will certainly be provocations, they are interested in a large number of players, including international ones. “Voice” and the Navalny fund in this issue are quite coordinated activities, but each of them realizes their interests,” – notes the interlocutor to the news agency Economy Today.

At the same time, the Central Election Commission conducts very serious activities aimed at combating any provocations and frauds in the upcoming elections. As Yuri Pochta adds, on March 18 we may expect any development of events, but the CEC has a wide range of tools that allow it to ensure the legitimacy and transparency of elections.

Source RuEconomics
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