Nord Stream 2 gets green light in Germany

All the necessary permits cleared for Nord Stream 2 in Germany

Preparation for pipeline construction
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    • All the necessary permits cleared for Nord Stream 2 in Germany
    • The Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency (BSH) has granted approval for the German exclusive economic zone (EEZ)
    • All permits for the German section are now on.


March 27, 2018 | Hamburg. Today The Nord Stream 2 AG received the permit for the construction and operation of the pipeline system in the German EEZ. The BSH section of the approval for this approximately 30-Kilometer-long Route is in accordance with the Federal mining act (BBergG).

The Stralsund Board of mines had already on December 31. January 2018 approved the construction and operation in the German territorial waters (within the 12 nautical mile Zone) and the landing area.

“We are pleased that we now have all the necessary permits for a total of 85 kilometre-long German sections of the Route,” says Jens Lange, German approvals manager for Nord Stream 2 AG.

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These permits are the result of a law process that began already in April 2017 has started and it has been demonstrated that Pipeline:

  • is necessary to reduce the size of the future supply gap in Europe;
  • will help to increase the security of supply and bring more competition in the EU gas market;
  • is the ecologically and economically most effective way, Gas from the world’s largest Deposits transported to the consumer;
  • can be built with minimal impact on the environment, and the disruption is very local and only temporary;
  • can help to achieve the climate objectives from today’s perspective, in the generation of electricity from natural gas is only half as much CO2 is emitted as is the case with the coal-fired power generation.

The national approval procedures in the other four countries – Russia, Finland, Sweden and Denmark – continue to run on schedule. Further approvals are expected in the next few months. Accordingly, the intended construction works should be implemented as planned in 2018.

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